Lovvit is a gluten free food brand. its goal is to make people’s life better with healthy, delicious and gluten free products.

naming, art direction, brand development and packaging
year – 2018 & 2019
location – Buenos Aires, Argentina
@ Lorenzo Shakespear Diseño

the project

Lovvit was born out of the everyday frustrations of celiacs. And of all people. But instead of speaking from restraint, it does so from possibility and desire. It does not promise to forget celiac disease. It promises that it will be no longer the central axis that defines us.

the brand

Lovvit is optimistic, intelligent, relaxed, expert, responsible, modern, tempting and friendly.
The container, which always accompanies the word "Lovvit", embraces, envelops and includes it. its rounded shape communicates warmth and unity, and is the expression of a brand close to its audience. The gestures of the typography evoke spontaneity and movement. The irregular and powerful lines represent an energetic, bold and relaxed brand. The tagline not only contextualizes the logo, but is the lynchpin of its optimistic promise. It is loaded with positivism and shows the relationship between taste, well-being and happiness.

brand design, art direction, illustration & ux-ui
barcelona, spain