web design for Belvo’s website

ux-ui, web design, product positioning
year – 2023

location – Barcelona, Spain

the website

A company's website is its digital heartbeat, offering a window into the soul of its services and solutions. It transcends mere pixels and code; instead, it reflects the essence and soul of the brand.

Belvo’s website had remained at a previous stage of the brand. It portrayed a company whose primary audience were developers and engineeres (from developers, for developers), with a message geared towards technology, its technicalities, and processes.

Now, the company shifts towards enterprise clients and financial institutions, aiming to communicate with an audience that is less technical and more business-oriented. In order to succeed, they needed to rethink the design of their website and reconsider how they represented and positioned their products, which are  highly technical and not easily accessible for everyone.

The project encompassed various aspects of overall web design, including fonts, color application, product imagery, UX and UI design. And it impacted several pages, among them the homepage.

the homepage

The main goal of this revamp was to align the content and design with the company’s vision and to showcase the entire product offering, which now includes Open Finance payment solutions in addition to data aggregation and enrichment. I explored the concept of cyclicity to emphasize that all the company's products can contribute to various phases of our clients' product cycles. I reinforced this idea with a parallax animation.

I developed the project from auditing the old homepage, conducting research, brainstorming, structuring content, ideation, gathering feedback from various stakeholders within the company, iterating on the design, handing off to the developer, and performing Q&A.

brand design, art direction, illustration & ux-ui
barcelona, spain