Belvo is an spanish start-up aiming to accelerate the development of open finance in Latin America.

design, art direction and brand development
year – 2022
location – Barcelona, Spain

the project

In 2022, Belvo was 3 years old company. Up until that point, the management of the brand design had primarily rested with the in-house team. However, there was no solid foundation or comprehensive documentation from which the brand could systematically develop and evolve.

The goal was to establish a singular source of truth housing guidelines that would ensure a uniform brand presence across all facets of the business: the company brand book.

The challenge consisted of several phases, including: planning and defining the project's goals and scope; reviewing the current status of the brand by conducting a thorough audit of all brand assets, encompassing both visual and verbal expressions; conducting market research and interviews with members of different teams; defining the content structure; working with the content team to align the brand's key messages and positioning, and defining the brand's personality traits; defining design guidelines and crafting a narrative to elucidate the visual expressions; and the editorial design of the entire document.

the brand

Belvo is human, approachable and simple.

Belvo is enthusiastic, inviting and joyful.

Belvo is precise, trustworthy and highly technical

In our visuals, we want to showcase the Open Finance world using a simple analogy: think of Belvo as a galaxy. Imagine a bright blue scene where data moves like a system of planets. Gravitational forces act like cosmic glue, holding everything together—keeping each bit of binary data in its place. Picture this galaxy forming three years ago, and ever since, it's been steadily growing, like a galaxy on the move.

brand design, art direction, illustration & ux-ui
barcelona, spain